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Band members of The Irish Rovers with instruments

The Irish Rovers say “Farewell to Rovin'” in SLO

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Two guitars, a banjo, an accordion, a keyboard, a drum set, the iconic fiddle and flute, and a hearty Irish brogue are all The Irish Rovers need to bring the essence of Ireland to this small town on the Central Coast.

Kicking off the evening with their namesake song of “The Irish Rover,” The Irish Rovers invite audience participation in clapping and singing along, making it impossible to sit still as they play song after merry song off the pages of Ireland’s historic songbook.

All hailing from Ireland, George Millar, Ian Millar, Wilcil McDowell, Sean O’Driscoll, Fred Graham, Geoffrey Kelly, Morris Crum, and Gerry O’Connor are genuine Irish rovers as they now travel the world, performing on their “Farewell to Rovin'” tour.

Artwork for The Irish Rovers' 2012 album "Drunken Sailor."

Artwork for The Irish Rovers’ 2012 album “Drunken Sailor.”

Of course no Rovers concert would be complete without a bit of jest from cousins George and Ian Millar, as they recount hilarious moments from their lives in Ireland and on tour during breaks between some of their most beloved songs of “Lily the Pink” and “The Unicorn.”

The lilting melodies and voices of The Rovers fill the theatre and hearts of patrons of all ages. Harking back to joyous memories of being in The Emerald Isle or of wondrous stories from the land, this music somehow connects deep within each individual.

The real treat of the night was the interactive encore performance of “Drunken Sailor,” their most recent popular success, followed by autograph signing in the lobby. What an unforgettable experience!

Whether a long-time follower, recent fan, or simply a lover of Irish music, The Irish Rovers excite even the most discerning audience member into having a rip-roaring good time. And with this performance, San Luis Obispo says “Farewell” to The Irish Rovers, who will keep rovin’ on in spirit.

(Photo Credits: Irish Rovers Music)

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