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spheresThe Foundation for the Performing Arts Center is pleased to announce Legacy Member Patricia Kohlen has commissioned a new outdoor sculpture, Spheres, to be installed on the plaza outside the Performing Arts Center, San Luis Obispo. Kohlen, artist Ivan McLean, and representatives of the Foundation will formally present the sculpture to University President Jeffrey D. Armstrong on Jan. 14, 2014.

Kohlen is proud to make this gift through the Foundation. “Our family is grateful for the excellent education we have each received from Cal Poly and for the rewarding career opportunity Ken had as a tenured professor of Architecture,” she said. “We are enthusiastic arts supporters and believe the Performing Arts Center has greatly enriched the lives of those who live on the Central Coast. The Spheres sculpture ensemble is the realization of a long-time vision to create an inviting outside space for the astounding Performing Arts Center, and we hope it will be enjoyed by the community.”

McLean describes Spheres as a reflection of the “grace, strength and beauty” that can be seen in the Performing Arts Center’s design as well as in each performance in the hall. He believes the piece will “complement and further the artistic mission of the center, encouraging both students and visitors to spend time thinking about the connections between the visual and the performing arts.” McLean is a Cal Poly alumnus whose work is displayed in private and municipal collections across the country.

“Since the very inception of the Performing Arts Center, people have commented that the plaza in front cried out for art,” shared former Foundation President Clifton Swanson. “It is very exciting to see that come to fruition, especially something as perfect as the Spheres, which will enhance the center and thrill the audience. Thank you to Patricia Kohlen for making this possible.”